Starting October 2020, Angus Lewry and myself got the opportunity to work alongside the team at Farra Engineering to design, develop and manufacture products for a start-up brand called Janet Joseph. Our role has seen us establish a lighting and outdoor brazier range and refine the Janet Joseph brand to align with various retail and e-commerce spaces.

We experienced first-hand the untapped value of a small corner of our manufacturing possibility in Dunedin. Being given the opportunity to apply our design skills and integrate them with Farra’s rich, 150-years manufacturing expertise has been invaluable for contextualising our own practice and for demonstrating local industry potential.
Design work is in collaboration with Angus Lewry.
Pendant lighting 
Keeping motion central to the design of these shades the goal in designing Drift & Surge was to encapsulate the calming ebb and flow of the coast line

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Surge Light Pendant
Surge Light Pendant
Abyss Outdoor Braizers
Constructed with 4mm Corten steel, the Abyss outdoor Braziers are built to last and will age elegantly in Aotearoa’s environment for years to come.
Salvage Series
Reducing our impact on the environment Salvage Series is purposed for restoring and reconditioning scrap metal and vintage shades for a new lease on life

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